Tuesday, July 22, 2008

apx fever

it's going around. symtoms: taking drastic measures to entertain yourself.



Somehow he just doesn't quite pull it off. Ellie said to me, "Mom, you just can't let Cody wear my dresses all the time."


Erin said...

I comment on all your posts because they are all so cute! Isn't it so funny to watch them walking around in dresses? I thought it was so funny to see Cody at the pool today. Makes me laugh.

Niels and Kayla said...

haha that is too funny, i got the apx fever as well...boy do i miss utah.

Alissa said...

This is funny I was thinking wow I did not realize how much ellie looked like cody when she was little then ahhaw! It is cody! I have pictures too of TAj in a dress and pigtails! It is the boys big eyes and long eyelashes that make them look like a girl

Kara said...

AWESOME! I think he actually makes a pretty dang cute little girl.

Cammie said...

One day Cody is going to pay you back for this...he does look cute, but I like him more as a boy :)