Sunday, July 6, 2008

happy fourth!

Thanks for the cute outfit Grandma Jannie!

Ellie making sure Kelty doesn't run off.

On the 4th I just tried not to think about missing the annual Provo 10K and then riding our bikes down the parade route with our kids in the burley to find a good spot. It's my favorite thing about the 4th! But we still had a blast. Justin had to work 1/2 day so I ran a little 5K in the morning and then Jess and I took our kids to the Downingtown carnival and booths. My favorite part of the day was painting a Presbyterian birdchurch. The church had the cutest booth set up to try and find people to come to join their congregation. It makes me want to set up a booth at Orem Fest next year not to make money but just set up cute crafts for kids...we miss doing these festivals.





In the afternoon we had a rainy bbq at the pool and then went over to Wilmington to watch fireworks on the waterfront. I thought they would have it so you could see the reflections in the water but I guess they don't think of those types of aesthetic things. It was still really cool though. Ellie and Cody both loved it.

I bought these shirts at a booth for them to wear to the fireworks, though it was dark and no one saw them anyway.

It's been really neat living out here among all this history. I have been reading "The Killer Angels," a Civil War novel about the battle at Gettysburg and have a list of other books I want to read. After reading each book I want to visit the sites they talk about. The thing I've learned the most is just a great appreciation for those who have sacrificed and an awe for the intelligence, spirituality and passion of these men who formed this country. And how GOOD we have it.


Erin said...

That carnival looks so fun. Have you been to Gettysburg? How far away is it?

Tui said...

Holy cow Courtney! What is up? It's been so long! I have to say your little blondies are adorable. (I can't remember the last time I used the word "adorable"; probably when I last said the word "darling") Anywho, thanks for dropping by the Tui blog! hope to see your comments more often! Where the fetch are you livin these days?

Vanes said...

Courtney! If you go to Gettysburg I WANT to go! My Bodie would love it! I'm starting a book about an Amish girl from Lancaster County! We'll have to swap! We should have come along for the fireworks in Willmington - sounds SO fun!

Sarah said...

Hey there! You also have adorable kids! I think it has something to do with our genes ;). I'm so glad you found us now maybe sometime we should get together!

Tara said...

You kids clothes are so cute! so when do you guys come back? That is if you want to come back, i looks like you have been having so much fun!!

Rusty and Tara said...

I had no idea you were in philly! Thank goodness for blogs. I can't believe all the beautiful scenery out there--your pictures are amazing! And the kids are as cute as ever

banks said...

That is great that you are going to do a triathlon. I love them. Be careful you could get addicted to them like me.:) It looks like you had so much fun on the fourth. Loves

Kara said...

I like spying in on how you guys are doing out there. It sounds like Justin is a great salesman and you gals find fun things to do while the men are out working.