Saturday, August 2, 2008


Last wednesday night four of us "wives" and Bo ran a 5k together in Wilmington on the riverfront. It was fun to have a big group there and everyone did awesome, except me who had to take a potty break in the bushes by the freeway (fun for everyone who saw me though).

Jess made these cute signs for the kids to hold and Vanessa and the Megans watched all the kids.

The race people found out we were from Utah and took this picture to put on the website. They were really excited we had come all this way just to run in their race! With all these kids running around combined with the sign that read, "Go WIVES!" I wonder how many people thought we all had the same husband!

Mr. T has trimmed down a little! I saw this guy at the start of the race and told Jess we had to find him after - he really ran in all these chains and huge wool socks!

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Erin said...

Court, you are so funny! I have thought it's weird we call each other wives, but I never thought of polygamy. Haha.