Tuesday, September 23, 2008

bear lake - year 2

Somehow we figured out how to get an invite to the annual Bear Lake trip with the Collings, again! (maybe justin paid them?) Just kidding. But seriously, the Collings are too cool for school and we just have to try and keep up. Just kidding. But seriously.

Last year we all stayed in the Crap Shoot Motel, but this year - De.Lux. Liz and Tim finished their cabin and are selling shares and also rent nightly, pictures at the bottom of this post, or maybe in another post.

Taj and Ellie. The water was too cold! No one got in the water, we just played on the beach and the kids had a ball.

I am so in love with Cody I can't stand it.

Alissa and Kaiya. We met Matt and Alissa last year at Bear Lake so I guess this is our 1 Year Anniversary. The first year is always hard but I'm sure it will get better. Ha Ha, just kidding, we love you.

Elijah and Cody - Cody is kind of scared of him.

Rihno ride with the kids, they loved it.



Saturday night, Justin, Matt and I rode our bikes around the lake, 50 miles plus a 9 mile detour. Half the ride was in the dark and it was SOOOO fun! I loved every minute.

Matt and Justin

Justin's favorite part of the trip. He was soooo excited to take Cody on this. He now has this picture on his desktop, his iPhone and his facebook account. I'm pretty sure Justin likes having a boy.

Tim, Liz, Alissa, Matt, Justin, Me and all our kids. I don't know if they read this but if they do, thanks Lim and Tiz, we had a blast!


Jess said...

Gosh that was quite a big September update. Looks like you have been busy! I am jealous of Bear Lake, so fun! The leaves looked amazing too!

Anonymous said...

i am so excited to go on a bike ride with you. you guys look awesome.

talia said...

Love the bike shorts Just!!

talia said...

That's Bracken's comment by the way.....

Courtney said...

spandex or die!

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

A very colorful group. I wonder if i could last 10 miles on a bike. I borrowed my moms burley and i have been riding to the park with the kids. whew! what a workout. I am training so that i can ride with you next summer.

Erin said...

59 miles in 1 day. I can't imagine.

justin said...

What a cool blog!! My wife rocks

banks said...

I love Fall in Bear Lake. Since I was at Utah State for college we made our way to Bear Lake often. I have fond memories of that place. I also saw your new bike(?) in the pictures. I am guessing you and Justin got new bikes. How is training going? Do you have any races planned? I finally got caught up on your blog. I guess I haven't been on since before you posted your triathlon. Anyways, you look great in the pictures during your race. You look like a really triathlete. :) It looks like all is well, and you guys are living up the fall. (I miss the Utah falls). Loves