Tuesday, September 30, 2008


While I was at the wedding, Justin spent 3 days in Zions with some APX friends. I think he had more fun just pretending to live the single life for 3 days than anything else.


At the top of Angels Landing.

Matt is sleepy.

Beginning the hike down the Subway. The day before they hiked the Narrows.
Brianna, Brandon, Jeff, Justin, Matt, Jess, Hailey, Dave, Jesse

Cool stuff! I want to plan a road biking/mountiain biking/camping/climbing/hiking trip to Zions - Sometimes I don't think it's good to have too much fun like this because you miss your old life too much! I do just looking at the pictures and I didn't even go!


Niels and Kayla said...

we live like 15 min from zion, its SO pretty up there! It looks like they had a blast!

Brennon and Lindsey said...

We hiked there, thats the subway. My fav. hike ever!
We want to hang out, call us or we will call you when we move back. Court, let's go biking or hiking sometime without the boys.....