Thursday, March 26, 2009

the blessings of temple attendance

This is what was happening while I went to the temple this morning:




Cody made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of our living room. These pictures do not do the mess justice. There was peanut butter on every window sill...added after he colored on the sills and walls. PB on the back of the entire couch. Jam on the other two chairs in the room, the carpet and various toys. This, just days after getting a hold of orange juice and spilling it over the kids lamb skin rug and the carpet, and a week after spraying clorox bleach on the ottoman (you can barely see orange dots in the picture). This kid is naughty to put it mildly. Ellie never did anything naughty, so I got used to being able to leave cleaners and markers within reach. My bad. The hardest part about it is that Cody just has this thing about him that makes me want to squeeze him even when I am so mad, he just melts our hearts. I mean, just look at him!

(wearing Justin's old boots!) I called my mom to tell her about it and she said, "Can you just imagine how much fun he had!" It's true, he probably thought this was the best day ever.

I guess I should explain who was tending. Justin was, but he was in the office working and thought they were watching a movie. A $100 lesson learned (carpet cleaners).


Erin said...

Yikes and yikes. You're a good sport. I'd probably be pretty mad.

Natalie said...

I want to squeeze him...he is so cute in those boots! What fun I have to look forward to with a boy!

Kara said... gotta love peanut butter. :) What a mess just one little boy can make.

Matt and Jessica Stevenson said...

I know all about $100 mistakes...Last week when Matt was out of town, Kelty randomly pulled all the pooh out of her diaper and wiped it all over herself and the couch... i just about died.

Cammie said...

Holy Cody! He was busy. How did Ellie feel about the whole thing? My mom always reminds me that kids are all cavemen, it's our job to civilize them. Not an easy job sometimes.
But your mom is right, I bet he was having the time of his life.

Melissa said...

With that sweet face it would be hard to get mad! Little boys can be so mischievious. I'm already worried about Gabe, he's way more into things than Grace ever was.

Amanda said...

I just caught myself up to date on your last few posts. Holy cow!!! I don't even know what I would've done... but I am so glad you took pictures of this peanut buttered house. Fun party pics, (baby shower and aerobics gear) I loved that video clip you posted by Elder Uchtdorf, that was awesome, I loved it!!! When are you leaving, if not too soon lets get together, park, house, whatever. Call me!

Vanes said...

Things like that make us other mothers be able to say - "See I'm not the only one!"
Not going to sell APX is KILLING me! Are you getting ready to go?! I could just bawl - SOOOO jealous you get to go again! Maybe next summer?! :) I HOPE!!

Emily said...

Hilarious! Wouldn't it be awesome if we could regress to the days of not a care in the world, no responsibility and a mom there to clean up after it.

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