Tuesday, July 21, 2009

the drama begins

This cracked me up so I need to write it down.

We were driving home from the park where Ellie had been playing with her friend Ellie. She was sulky mood (normally she is very vocal if she is mad) and her shoes were soaking wet.

Ellie: Ellie Pie told me to put my feet in a puddle and I didn't know it was so deep so I did and it got my shoes all wet. I'm so mad at her. She is not my best friend anymore.

Me: Well, maybe she didn't know it was so deep either. It will be okay.

Ellie: No it won't. I'm so mad I feel like Lightning McQueen to the Blue Car (the girl Porche, Lightning's love interest in the movie Cars).

Me: How is that?

Ellie: Like when he says to her, "I am so not taking you to dinner."


emily said...

that is hilarious. i'm scared.

Kelly and Nate said...

She comes up with some funny stuff.

Mandy said...

I'm glad she got over it.