Saturday, July 25, 2009

the shore

Cody, Levi, Tanner - peas in a pod.

My angel.

I'm so happy to have this photo. I purchased this dress at a flea market in Uruguay when Justin's parents were on a mission. It has been worn so much it's now a play dress and it probably won't last much longer. But I think it's the perfect dress for Ellie.

Can't wait till those steps grow out.

Thanks Kelly! She took all of these.


lisa bagley said...

cody is sporting some serious style with those steps. i know you want them to grow out, but they look so cute. and i love ellie's white angel dress! why have we never seen it?
miss and love you all. wish you could be at the reunion tom.

Natalie said...

I so wish I lived on the beach for the summer! Your pictures make me so jealous!

DeGrey Family said...

That is an awesome dress! I love little girls in white. It helps complete the angels that they are. Hey I finally got my blog going. I struggled a little(alot).
Hope you are well and that Justin is selling a ton. Have an amazing adventure.

Kent said...

The new banner is so funny. I miss and love you more than all the tiny little sands on the beach.
Grandpa Nicol

Cammie said...

Whatever! The steps rule! Keep them in forever. When do you come home? Looks like we're still here...grrr! but that means we can play when you get home.

Tara said...

The pics are BEAUTIFUL!! I was going to ask what kind of camera you were using, but it looks like a friend took the pics. Ellie is a doll. (Cody too!)