Friday, July 3, 2009

my new york find



This is pretty much to only thing I bought in New York last Saturday. When I found it I put away all the other clothes I was thinking of buying and determined that I'd rather have this one item than a bunch of cheaper kids clothes. It's Juicy and the fabric feels like butta'. And it goes perfect with Ellie's haircut, so I really had no choice.


Ashley Dickerson said...

That is the cutest swimsuit!!! It totally matches Ellie's personality. Tell Ellie I really miss her!

Jake said...

hey there ms. courtney- i've come across your blog before but decided to finally leave you a comment to let you know i've been blog stalking you- ha ha- her suit is sooo cute! jessica was telling me what a great place that century21 place was. i'll have to make it out there before we head home

Natalie said...

Can i get one in my size?! So cute!